How do I care for my Karen Millen bags & purses?

These should be cleaned with a suitable polish or cream.

A crepe brush can be used to remove dirt, dust and small marks.

Humidity and rainwater damage all kinds of leather. Care should be taken to protect your bag. If it does get wet, dry it at once with a soft cloth in order to avoid staining and rippling. A good protector spray will help to guard against staining and water penetration. Never use artificial heat to dry your bag.

Delicate fabrics, beads and sequins may be lost or damaged if worn in conditions where continual rubbing occurs. Sequins and beads may become discoloured if brought into contact with alcohol based liquids.

How do I care for my Karen Millen jewellery & small accessories?


Karen Millen fashion jewellery is made to the highest specification and is plated to achieve a luxurious finish with rhodium plating or white bronze.

Swarovski crystal is used in some styles. Made in Austria, the Swarovski name is world renowned – their crystal being noted for its purity, brilliance and sparkle.


All Karen Millen jewellery is nickel free.

Pierced earrings cannot be tried on prior to purchase. Regretfully earrings cannot be accepted for refund unless faulty.

Jewellery should be carefully stored in the protective pouch supplied. Care should be taken to protect it from knocks, chemicals, extreme temperatures and sunlight. Costume jewellery is fragile but when treated with respect will look fabulous for many years.


Sunglasses can be fragile and lenses can scratch easily. The following guidelines will help you to look after your sunglasses and keep them looking good for longer.

Clean your sunglasses with a soft cloth, preferably one that has been specifically developed for cleaning lenses.

Store your sunglasses in the case provided. Avoid putting your sunglasses face down on any surface as this may scratch the lenses.

On a hot day avoid leaving your sunglasses on your car's dashboard as the heat can damage the lenses and distort the frames.

Avoid wearing your sunglasses on the top of your head as this may also distort the frames.

All our sunglasses are covered by a guarantee against faulty manufacture. In the unlikely event of this happening they should be returned to the place of purchase.



The battery should be replaced every 18 months and should only be carried out by an approved stockist or specialist repairer.


Your watch will not withstand extreme shocks or vibration. It is sensible to remove your watch before commencing rough work or situations where the watch could be damaged.

Bracelet Watches

Take care to avoid bending the bracelet beyond the normal curvature of the wrist. It is recommended the watch be kept in the presentation box when not in use. Avoid placing the watch under heavy objects or loose in a handbag.

Water resistance

If your watch is not marked with either the words ' Water resistant' or a degree of water resistance e.g. 3ATM, then it is not water resistant. Care should be taken to avoid getting the watch wet as damage to the movement may result. This usually applies to the watches designed for dress or cocktail type wear.


The watch is designed to withstand accidental splashing or rain but not suitable for swimming.


The watch is designed to withstand leisure type swimming i.e. swimming baths, yachting and taking a shower. It is not designed to withstand sports scuba diving etc.


The watch is designed to withstand swimming, yachting, taking a shower, shallow diving e.g. swimming baths and bathing but not scuba diving General notes

Do not operate buttons or the crown while the watch is in contact with water.

Remember diving into a swimming pool can very briefly and significantly increase pressure on your watch. It may be that the action of diving into the pool increases the pressure to your watch to beyond the limits it has been designed to withstand.

Wide variance of temperature can affect, temporarily, the time keeping accuracy of your watch. Pressure in ATM's is a test pressure and should not be considered as actual diving depth as movement in the water tends to increase the pressure bearing at a given depth.

We also offer a comprehensive repair service - prices are 25% of the retail price plus an additional postal charge of £2.50 for repairs within the UK or £5.00 for countries outside the UK. Please contact our customer services team here for details regarding repairs.


How do I care for Karen Millen footwear

Karen Millen uses only the highest quality leathers, suede and other materials to produce high quality footwear. Slight marks and variations in the surface colour and texture are all inherent characteristics and should not be mistaken as a fault. They are part of the unique appeal of leather.

To help maintain the appearance and to prolong the life of your shoes, they should be cared for with the relevant products. Always test a small non-visible area first.


Dust and dirt should be removed prior to cleaning with a neutral leather cream.


Dust and dirt should be removed prior to cleaning. A crepe brush should be used to remove any marks in the suede.



Dust and dirt should be removed prior to cleaning with a rubber brush or fabric foam cleaner.

DECORATED SHOES Particular care must be taken whilst wearing decorated shoes. Beads and crystals may be lost or damaged if caught or snagged.


Due to its porous nature a leather sole will absorb some water. For this reason we do not recommend that they be used excessively in very wet conditions. A leather sole will wear away (even under normal conditions) making it necessary to resole regularly. Leather soles are often painted. This is a cosmetic feature which will wear away in patches when worn. Leave wet shoes to dry naturally (never by artificial heat). The use of a shoetree will help maintain the shape of your shoes.


Top pieces on heels are a replaceable component. Do not allow them to wear down. They should be replaced regularly by a good shoes repairer. Thin and delicate heels must be worn with extra consideration. Wearing shoes on very uneven surfaces or when driving may weaken the shoes and could spoil the leather sole or intricate components.


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